Top Ten Things to Do in Fall in Texas


Fall has brought cooler temperatures and lots of color to Texas! While it is sometimes hard to spend time outdoors in nature during our hot summers, Autumn offers a great time to go explore the world around you. Fall also brings time-off at school for a few holidays, and great chances to spend time in nature. Check out our Top Ten Texas Things to Do in Fall!

1) Match Colors! – have you ever seen the paint color swatches at the hardware store? Grab a few and go for a fall walk in your local park, or even your back yard, and see what colors you can find.

2) Go for a Hiking, Cycling, or Paddling adventure! Not all who wander are lost, and you can wander along some great trails in our state.

a. For those of you who prefer to let your feet do the walking check out some great hiking trails in our State Parks.

b. If two wheels is more your thing there are plenty of great biking trails.

c. Paddling trails are great fun, head out in a canoe or kayak and see our rivers and lakes in a new way. Check our some great paddling trails, including a brand new paddling trail at Sabine Sandbar!

3) Go Camping! Escape for the weekend into the great outdoors, and the cooler temps means it’s just right for camping. If you are new to camping, Texas Outdoor Families offers great opportunities to try camping for the first time with professionals that can help you out. Looking for a great place to camp check out our blog from earlier this year all about camping in Texas.

4) Build a Campfire and make some S’MORES! Learn how to build the perfect campfire, then you can snuggle up next to it and roast up a marshmallow and build a S’MORE – maybe even try some fun variations (my favorite replaces the Hershey’s with a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup).

5) Go to a Fall Themed Program! Nature Parks all over the state are hosting fun fall programs

a. Check out the Mission Reach Trail in San Antonio for lots of fall fun:

b. Westcave in Austin is hosting Thankful for Nature Days:

c. Check out history and nature at the oldest cemetery in Corpus Christi at Old Bayview Festival:

6) Make a Critter! Test out your creative side and make a little critter using natural materials, try leaves or acorns.

7) Head Out With the Camera! Go explore and take some photos of all the fall color. Upload the nature photos you take into iNaturalist, and help scientists learn all about the environment around you.

8) Plant something new. Fall in Texas is the perfect time to plant new plants, it isn’t as hot and they can establish themselves before it gets hot again. Sheldon Lake State Park is even offering a Native Plant-a-thon:

9) Go Fishing or Hunting. First time hunting or fishing? Learn how to be a master with Texas Parks and Wildlife: Fishing:

10) Check out the Birds! Fall is a great time to look for birds in Texas as many northern birds are here for the winter. We have some great birding hot spots in the state.

You can always find more fall fun at

Also, download easy checklist PDF of our Fall Bucketlist!