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So far 2013 has been a great year for spreading the message that children need nature and nature needs children. Three great articles came out during the Spring of 2013 that touch on how important it is to connect children with the outdoors so that they will learn to care for the natural world that they will one day inherit. A fun article titled “Dirty Nails and Goat Slobber; 6 Ways to Instill the Love of the Wild in a Child” by Russell A. Graves appeared in the January addition of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Magazine which weaves the need to get kids outdoors with fun family tales from the past. Texas Wildlife Association published “For the Children, For the Future” by Mary O. Parker in the conservation legacy section of the May 2013 issue. The TWA magazine article focuses on how outdoor education cannot take place in the classroom. It reports that having a well-educated, environmentally literate youth is critical for the protection and conservation of the resources in Texas. The article “Raise a Nature Lover” by Leslie Garisto in Parent Magazine informs parents about the positive effects that nature can have on a child’s mental and physical health. All three articles are great efforts to raise awareness about the importance of getting children and their families into nature.