Let's Go Biking


The TCiN Outdoor Activity of the Month is Biking:

Biking is a great way to be active in the outdoors for the entire family. Hitting the trails is easier than ever for all skill levels with so many all-weather-trails in most urban areas. All-weather-trails have a more durable surface than a mountain bike trail or a BMX track. No matter what type of trail your prefer, each can take you on a journey in nature.

Before you jump on your bike and ride off into the sunset, take the time for a few safety checks. First, know your limits and plan a route that is suited to you and your biking companions. Second, make sure your bike is in good working order and your tires are properly inflated. Third, take the time to make sure your helmet is adjusted properly. Fourth, review the rules of the park and make sure you yield to horses and foot traffic.

Here are some great biking trails for all levels. See how many you and your family can explore in the month of Feb. You can find more biking trails at

Lake Mineral Wells Trailway: This 20 mile trail is a converted 1899 railroad bed. The trail winds gently through remote farm and ranch lands and rolling hill abundant with a variety of birds and lots of other wildlife. The trail which is open for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians is wide and easy to ride and crosses several creeks. The trail can be broken up into smaller sections from its starting point at Mineral Wells State Park and ends in downtown Mineral Wells.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park- Austin: Great year around trail with a lot of fun twists and turns on a single track, double track. This is a scenic ride with turns through narrow gaps in the trees and several creek crossings on the well marked bike trails. There are a total of 15 miles of trails. The parks is also now a starting point for the Walnut Creek All-Weather-Trail.

Resaca de la Palma, Brownsville: A 3-mile paved loop and 8 miles of additional trails take riders through diverse South Texas habitats. Biking is a great way to view birds and other wildlife in the 1,200-acre park. No private vehicles are allowed past the Visitor Center. Bring your own bike or rent one at the Visitor Center.

Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tatum: A particularly fast and curvy stretch of singletrack, the trail at Martin Creek Lake State Park is a blast for riders of any level. It’s 6 miles is relatively flat and mostly tree covered, with ample access to the lake, so summertime rides are a definite possibility—although the hardwoods show some brilliant colors in the cooler fall months.

Katy Trail, Dallas: This is a landscaped pedestrian, inline skating, bicycle trail system winding through the most densely populated areas of Dallas, Uptown and Oaklawn. This has become one of the most popular outdoor areas in the city.

San Antonio Missions Trail: Winding along side the San Antonio River, through old neighborhoods and farmlands, the Mission Hike and Bike Trail provides respite from the daily pressure and grind of city life. From Mission Concepción to Mission Espada, eight (8) miles of dedicated paved pathways are reserved for the hiker and biker. An easy walk or ride, it is suitable for even young members of the family.The trail is not a loop, so the round-trip path is actually 16 miles. However, walkers and bikers can start at any of the four missions and travel to the next mission, making the round trip only six (6) miles.

Biking along the Texas coast can be fun to at Corpus Christi to Galveston.